Ministry Program/Event Planning

Congregational Care

The Diaconate Ministry serves the spiritual and practical needs of the Calvary family. A church with members from a broad geographical range, Sheepfolds are micro geographical communities designed to do Christian life together through fellowship in smaller groups. Each Sheepfold is led by a team of congregational caregivers, who help ensure that:

  • New members are assimilated:
  • Healthy connections are formed within the congregation;
  • Members experiencing hardship are helped; and
  • Bereaved families are assisted with planning funeral arrangements.

When the Calvary family gathers for corporate worship, this ministry administers the ordinances of Communion and Baptism. Life happens every day… members desiring the support services of the church in such instances as marriage, birth, illness and death may advise the Church Office by utilizing the forms available in this section OR by calling (973) 267-0136.

Please visit your Sheepfold page to see how God’s story is unfolding in the life stories of the brothers and sisters in your neighborhood. (If you are unsure which Sheepfold is yours, you may enter your name into the search bar above to obtain that information.)


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