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Reports to: Director of Church Operations

General Responsibilities:

Planning and coordinating all meals served on Church grounds. This includes working in conjunction with the ministry coordinators who sponsor Church programs that include meals and external representatives for outside events, e.g. banquets and wedding receptions. Organizing and overseeing of the use of the Church kitchen.

Other Responsibilities (key but not all inclusive):
• Plan, organize and oversee food preparation and service for fellowship meals, special luncheons or dinners and any Church-related meal held on the grounds of the Church.
• Purchase any food, drinks and supplies to be furnished by the Church.
• Recruit assistants to help cook, grill, serve and clean up tables and dishes after meals.
• Supervise all activities using the Church kitchen.
• Keep an inventory list of kitchen supplies and equipment and request funds to replace, repair or add to the inventory when needed.
• Ensure that the kitchen and appliances are organized and clean.
• Establish and post policies for the use and care of the kitchen.
• Keep a running list in the kitchen so that those who use the kitchen know when supplies are low or depleted.

Develop and oversee the budget and expenditures for the food service ministry.

Plan, organize and oversee food preparation and service for banquets, receptions and other meals served that are sponsored by individuals or organizations outside of the Church.